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Title: Chapter 3: In Which Harry's Head Hurts And Malfoy Seems To Help
Disclaimer: J.K Rowling and associates are the legal owners of these characters and settings. I am writing for pleasure not profit
Warnings: None for this chapter
Rating: PG - again for this chapter
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Wordcount: 951
Summary: Harry and Draco are colleagues, who become friends who become... A simple love story about two not so simple boys.
Author's Notes: This is my first Drarry fic, and also my first Drarry series... obviously! I hope I'm doing it right. This fic is also available on tumblr and AO3 where you can find more of the story that I will be posting here. Enjoy!

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Harry’s head is hurting. Really, really hurting. He clenches his eyes closed and tries to think about what woke him up. The harsh beeping next to his ear gets louder and he cracks his eyes open. His muggle alarm clock flashes next to him and he lashes his arm out at it, knocking it off his bedside table. It lands on the floor with a clatter and continues to beep annoyingly.

Harry groans and tries to roll in his bed, dragging his pillow over his head. A loud banging noise joins the beeping and Harry buries his head further into his pillow, the noises vibrating through his brain. His body hurts and his head is pounding and his stomach swirls.

“Oi, Harry, mate… you’re gunna be late for work,” Ron shouts through the door and Harry jumps, whipping the covers off him. Shit. Work. He scrambles out of bed, and rifles through his chest of drawers for a clean pair of pants. He knows Kreacher must have put some in there. Kreacher is always trying to look after him. Ron bangs again and Harry tugs on his jeans and finds a sort of clean t-shirt from the floor. He pulls open the door to find Ron standing there, one eyebrow raised, looking clean and shaved. He looks Harry up and down and Harry sighs, turning around to change his top.

He comes out of his room in a clean shirt, and Ron nods, turning around and walking to the floo in the living room.

“What happened last night?” Harry grumbles when he falls out of the floo and starts to follow Ron through the crowd at the Ministry. Ron snorts in laughter and grabs Harry’s shirt, dragging him towards their floor. A few of the wizards and witches they pass give Harry a weird look and Harry remembers belatedly that he doesn’t have his robes on.

“You got drunk,” Ron shrugs, as they get close to their office, “we all got drunk. Well, I don’t think Malfoy got drunk, and Hermione obviously didn’t get drunk, but Ginny DEFINITELY got drunk…”

“Then how comes you don’t look like shit?” Harry grumbles and Ron laughs loudly.

“Because my girlfriend is insane and wanted to get into work early and she gave me a potion before she left for work,” Ron smirks before barging into the Auror’s office. Harry ignores the pointed looks from the other aurors as he makes his way to his desk. He slumps into his chair and Ron laughs again and goes to their inbox.

“I feel like shit,” Harry grumbles, his head resting on his desk.

“You look like shit,” Ron murmurs, his face in the file of their latest mission, his hand scribbling notes on a piece of parchment next to him.

“Oh, Weasley, that seems a little harsh,” a voice drawls above Harry’s head and he turns it to see Malfoy leaning against the partition, his robes open to reveal a crisp white shirt and sharp grey trousers. He looks disgustingly good and for a second Harry hates him. Him and Ron. And Hannah for giving him all those drinks last night.

Ron looks up from his file and grins at Malfoy.

“Oh, I don’t know… I mean… he doesn’t have the same t-shirt he had on yesterday,” Ron raises an eyebrow, “but I wouldn’t stand too close to him.” Harry sits up groaning and glares at Ron.

“Since when did you become so…” Harry looks around for the word, “clean?” Behind him Malfoy laughs, a breathy, round laugh and Harry feels his pulse pick up. Ron sighs and hands him the file.

“Since I started dating Hermione Granger…” Ron grumbles, “I’m going to go get you some tea mate…” Ron stands and walks away. Harry runs his hand through his hair, and starts to scan the file. He knows it’s a simple case, three dark wizards dealing in stolen dark artefacts that need to be brought in for questioning. Harry knows it’s a simple case but his head is pounding and his eyes are swimming.

“Potter,” a smooth voice sounds next to him and he turns to see Malfoy holding out a small vial of clear blue liquid, “try this…” Malfoy smiles at him and Harry takes the vial and unstoppers it, downing the whole lot. His head feels instantly clearer and he stretches, feeling his muscles relax.

“Thank you,” Harry smiles at Malfoy, “what was that?”

“Just something I made…” Malfoy shrugs, “thought you might need it after last night.” Now that Harry’s head is clear and not pounding he takes a better looks at Malfoy, enjoying the way that the open robes make his long, lean body look leaner, and the soft blonde stubble that peppers his jaw. His grey eyes are warm as he looks at Harry and his white blonde hair falls gracefully over his eye.

“You made this?” Harry asks, his voice high and Draco raises an eyebrow.

“Yes, Potter… do keep up.” He drawls and Harry feels the blush rise in his cheeks. He places the file down and swivels his chair to face Malfoy properly.

“So… uh…” Harry stutters, “What exactly… um…” Harry feels like his cheeks are on fire and Malfoy smirks at him, shaking his head slightly.

“Don’t worry Potter,” Malfoy sighs, “you didn’t do anything to embarrass yourself.” He turns to slide gracefully into his chair, picking up the file in his in-tray and turning to Terry Boot, his auror partner.

“He’s lying,” Ron says, dumping a mug of tea next to Harry, “You were completely embarrassing.” Harry turns to him and pulls a face and Ron laughs, grabbing the file and dragging Harry into work.


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