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Title: Chapter 4: In Which Draco Gets Invited
Disclaimer: J.K Rowling and associates are the legal owners of these characters and settings. I am writing for pleasure not profit
Warnings: None for this chapter
Rating: PG - again for this chapter
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Wordcount: 955
Summary: Harry and Draco are colleagues, who become friends who become... A simple love story about two not so simple boys.
Author's Notes: This is my first Drarry fic, and also my first Drarry series... obviously! I hope I'm doing it right. This fic is also available on tumblr and AO3 where you can find more of the story that I will be posting here. Enjoy!

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Draco runs his long fingers through his hair, tugging at the strands. If only his hair was a little thicker, or a little… less floppy. He pushes it back, groaning inwardly when his fringe falls over his eye again. He would slick it back but it reminds him too much of how he was back before…

He shudders and slides his paperwork over to Boot and leans back in his chair, closing his eyes and rubbing his temples. It’s been a long day, a long day he’s sure would have gone quicker if Boot had gone to ask for the portkey that they needed next week to be made. Everything that Draco asks for takes longer than is strictly necessary.

He hears a loud bang and he knows from the thundering footsteps, the laughter, the sudden rise in volume and energy that Potter and Weasley have arrived back from whatever exciting adventure they were just on. He opens his eyes and glances at Boot who raises an eyebrow before swivelling in his chair.

“So it went well then?” Boot says at Potter and Weasley approach their desk. Weasley stops, and Draco turns to look at him, making sure his face is blank and uninterested.

“Oh, yeah, it definitely went well,” Weasley is flushed with excitement, the red of his cheeks clashing with his hair, a slash across one cheek, his robes completely torn. He looks at Potter with a huge grin and Draco turns to glance at him. His hair is a mess, there’s a large smudge on his cheek, blood coming from his shoulder. But he looks... happy, his eyes alight and static energy coming from him. For a second Draco feels something stir within him. He ignores it.

“So you managed to get all three of them?” Boots asks and Draco turns back to his paperwork, one ear on the conversation.

“Ha!” Potter barks and Draco hears Weasley move behind him, “there were four more than we were told about. You think that we would have come out looking like this if there’d been three?” Draco can hear the joke in his voice, the fake arrogance that Draco would have once thought was sincere. But he’s been sat next to their booth for long enough to know better.

Draco starts on the next request for use of Ministry equipment as Potter flops down in his chair. Draco glances at him, watching as Potter tugs his robes off and pulls his t-shirt off, exposing his muscled chest and stomach, the light splattering of dark hairs tangled over his chest.

Draco rolls his eyes and turns back to his paper work. Beside him he hears Boot beginning to pack up for the weekend. Draco squashes the irritation that he feels bubbling inside of him. It isn’t Boot’s fault that Draco can’t get any request granted unless he’s filled out three different forms and gone to five different people.

“I’m heading off Malfoy,” Boot says, clearing his throat and Draco looks up at him, giving him a tight smile.

“Have a good weekend,” Draco drawls and nods his head slightly and Boot smiles back at him before picking up his bag and walking out of the room. Draco sighs, stretching upwards to click his back. His gaze falls on Potter and Weasley for a moment. Potter has a new t-shirt on, and both him and Weasley have their heads down, scribbling fast on reports, working is complete sync with each other. Draco reprimands himself and continues his request.

“You nearly done Harry?” Draco hears Weasley ask, almost a mutter.

“Yeah… can you just sign this off? Then I’m done.”

Draco sighs and runs his hand through his hair again, the two men next to him finishing and standing next to him. There’s a pause and Draco thinks they’re probably talking to each other in that weird, secret silent, language they have. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath in through his nose, focusing his mind, and then turns back to the request.

A cough next to him shocks him, but he doesn’t jump. Malfoys don’t jump. He turns to see Weasley leaning against the partition between his booth and theirs, a slightly crooked grin on his face.

“Weasley,” Draco nods his head and Weasley’s grin gets bigger.

“A few of us are going to play some Quidditch if you wanted to come?” his face is open and happy and Draco puts his quill down.

“I should really stay and…” Draco gestures to the paper on his desk and Weasley leans forward, looking at what Draco is filling out. Draco looks beyond him to see Potter standing just behind him, leaning against the partition on the other end of their booth, his eyes boring into Draco, an easy smile on his face.

“A request for use of a pensieve?” Weasley stands up, looking confused, “I didn’t even know you had to fill out a form to use one…” Draco feels his back stiffen and he turns back to the paper.

“Yes, well… I do,” he says, his voice clipped. He picks up his quill in order to continue, but the paper is snatched from his desk. Draco watches in horror as it is crumpled into a ball and lobbed onto Weasley and Potter’s desk. Draco feels the anger rise, but Weasley looks calm and content and Draco is confused.

“I’ll put the request in on Monday…” Weasley shrugs, “come one. We need a seeker who can challenge Harry.” With that Weasley turns and starts to walk away. Draco watches for a moment, before standing and picking up his coat, following the Golden Boy and his best friend as they make their way through the office.
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