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Title: Chapter 10: In Which Draco Doesn't Lose Control In Any Way At All
Disclaimer: J.K Rowling and associates are the legal owners of these characters and settings. I am writing for pleasure not profit
Warnings: None for this chapter
Rating: PG - again for this chapter (there is swearing all the way through... maybe PG-13?)
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Wordcount: 1,261
Summary: Harry and Draco are colleagues, who become friends who become... A simple love story about two not so simple boys.
Author's Notes: This is my first Drarry fic, and also my first Drarry series... obviously! I hope I'm doing it right. This fic is also available on tumblr and AO3 where you can find more of the story that I will be posting here. Enjoy!

Chapter One
Chapter Nine

Potter is an idiot. Who runs into an abandoned building by themselves without checking for curses? Idiots. Idiots do that. Potter is an idiot. Draco walks through the halls of St Mungo’s, glancing into rooms, his heart pounding, searching for a shock of red hair.
Because Weasley has to be with Potter. He wouldn’t have left Potter on his own in the hospital.

“Draco!” Granger’s voice rings out down the hall and Draco spins on his heels. She’s standing in the doorway to the Magical Coma Induction Ward. Why is Potter in that ward? Draco sweeps down the corridor towards her, his Auror robes billowing behind him. Normally he’d take them off, but there didn’t seem to be time. He shuts that thought away before it can grow and rolls up his sleeves instead, letting the cool air run over his skin.

“What’s he doing in this ward?” Draco knows his voice is too sharp, too high, but he can’t stop himself. He needs to see Potter. He needs to make sure he’s ok. What kind of idiot doesn’t check for curses. Fucking Gryffindor bravery.

“Hey,” Granger says, running a hand along his arm. He holds back the flinch and looks at her. Her eyes are warm and full of something Draco doesn’t have time to analyse, but she’s started rubbing at his arm and he feels his pulse slow down. “They’ve had to put him into a coma. The curse… they don’t know what it is. They need to run some tests without Harry telling them that he’s fine and trying to stand up. He’s ok, Draco.” Her voice is soothing but all Draco can hear is rushing in his ears.

Draco nods once and Granger pauses for a second before letting go of his arm and leading him down the corridor. It’s too quiet. Potter can’t possibly be in here. He makes too much noise to be in somewhere as quiet as this. Draco’s eyes flitter into the rooms that they pass, not really taking in any details. People are lying in beds. That’s what they do in this ward.

Granger stops outside a door and turns to Draco. He doesn’t wait for her to start talk again. He stalks into the room and freezes. Potter is lying on the bed, too pale and too still. There’s no one else in the room and the lamp is turned down low. Why isn’t there anyone in the room? Granger said they were doing tests. Where are they?

“Where’s Weasley?” Draco asks, his voice sticking in his throat.

“He’s on a floo call to his brother Bill,” Granger’s voice is low and Draco wants to shake her. Why isn’t she more upset? Why isn’t she screaming down the hospital until someone fixes this? Why is Weasley talking to his brother and not here with Potter? Potter shouldn’t be alone. Weasley is supposed to be with Potter.

“Why?” Draco snaps. He feels a soft hand on his arm again and tries to let himself relax into it. Fucking Potter.

“Bill is a curse breaker.” She squeezes his arm slightly and Draco nods once. Good. A curse breaker. And if Granger is happy for Weasley to be calling him he must be a good one. But maybe not the best. Potter needs the best.

“Where is everyone? You said they were running tests…” Draco turns to look at Granger, his eyes swimming slightly.

“They are, Draco… they have to wait…” Draco doesn’t wait to let her finish her sentence before he storms from the room, walking towards the reception. He hears her footsteps following him and he knows she’s going to try to stop him. “Draco, where are you going?”

“I’m going to talk to a doctor,” Draco snaps, “They have to be able to do more. They can’t just leave him lying there. There are lots of curse breakers. Potter needs the best. I have money. I’ll pay for them.” Draco arrives at the reception to find a harried looking nurse and a smug looking doctor. The doctor's eyes flicker down to Draco's arm before his smirk widens. Right, he’s rolled his sleeves up, his mark shining like a fucking beacon on his arm.

“Hello, what can we help you with?” The smug doctor asks.

“Draco…” Grangers voice is stern.

“You can start by getting off your arse and getting into Harry Potter’s room to figure out what the fuck is wrong with him,” Draco schools his features, his eyes set, his jaw strong, like he’s been taught all his life. Commanding. No room for question.

“I assure you, Mr Malfoy, we are doing what we can…” The nurse is using a calming voice. It’s not as good as Grangers.

“You’re not doing enough! What is it? You need money? You need connections? I can get you those!” Draco shouts, knowing that people are looking at him. Granger’s hand is on him again. “He’s Harry fucking Potter. So fucking get in there and fix him!” Draco moves towards the doctor, thankful that he’s so tall. Looking down at people is so much easier when you can physically look down at them.

“Like the nurse said, we’re doing what we can… not that you’d care,” the doctor’s eyes flicker to Draco’s arm. Draco steels himself, anger bubbling in his chest, his heart clenching.

“What’s going on?” Weasley’s voice sounds behind him.

“This man was about to go and check in on Harry,” Draco growls, not looking at Weasley, his eyes burning into the doctor’s. He feels a tug on his arm and turns to look at Granger. She gives him a soft smile and he feels his shoulders slump slightly.

“Bill, this is Draco,” Granger points to a tall man next to Weasley, his long hair tied back into a bun, his face marred with long wide scars, his eyes warm and friendly. Draco nods and Granger pulls Draco towards a seating area as Bill walks towards the doctor.

“Don’t worry,” he stops by Draco, clapping a hand on Draco’s shoulder, “I’ll figure out what’s wrong with him. He’ll be running into trouble again by tomorrow.” Bill stares into Draco’s eyes for a moment and Draco smiles, letting him be led away whilst Bill talks to the incompetent doctor.

“Bill will sort this, mate,” Ron says, lounging on a hard plastic chair. Draco looks back at Bill and watches him nodding, gesturing, looking confident and in charge. Yes. Draco likes Bill.

“Why aren’t you more worried?” Draco turns to glare at Weasley and Granger, sitting in their chairs, not looking upset or angry or anything.

“Oh, Draco… there hasn’t been a year go by since we’ve known him that Harry hasn’t ended up in a hospital bed,” she takes Draco’s hand and pulls him down onto the chair next to her, “he’ll be fine. He’s been in worse scrapes than this.” Draco looks at her, his mouth dry. It isn’t right that he’s been in hospital so many times that his friends are this… calm.

“Yeah… don’t worry. You’ll get used to it,” Weasley closes his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest and sliding down so that he’s practically lying. Granger looks at him with a loving smile, before turning back to Draco, her hand still linked with his.

“Don’t worry, Draco. We tried not to let him die then. We won’t let him die now.” She whispers, squeezing slightly and Draco swallows.

“Thank you, Hermione,” he breathes, his heart slowing. She grins back and together they sit and wait for Harry.


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