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Title: Chapter 11: In Which Harry Is Annoyed And Molly Knows Something
Disclaimer: J.K Rowling and associates are the legal owners of these characters and settings. I am writing for pleasure not profit
Warnings: None for this chapter
Rating: PG - again for this chapter (there is swearing all the way through... maybe PG-13?)
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Wordcount: 937
Summary: Harry and Draco are colleagues, who become friends who become... A simple love story about two not so simple boys.
Author's Notes: This is my first Drarry fic, and also my first Drarry series... obviously! I hope I'm doing it right. This fic is also available on tumblr and AO3 where you can find more of the story that I will be posting here. Enjoy!

Chapter One
Chapter Ten

Ron is a dick. Harry is almost 100% sure that Ron’s main aim in life is to annoy him. He scowls across the lawn at The Burrow watching as Malfoy laughs at something that Hermione has said, a suddenly very clingy Victoire hanging around his neck. Victoire is the least cuddly two year old he has ever met, an astonishing mix of Delacour and Weasley that is fiercely independent and definitely not into hanging onto an adults’ neck.

And yet there she is, attached to Malfoy.

“Why did you invite him?” Harry snaps at Ron for the hundredth time and Harry knows that Ron rolls his eyes behind his sunglasses.

“Because he’s a mate, and he wasn’t doing anything…” Ron mutters, leaning back in the deckchair that he’s transfigured out of a plant pot. Harry leans back in his own and watches as the sun plays on Malfoy’s hair, making it shine like a halo around his face, his jaw strong and newly smooth. It can’t be comfortable to hug him. He’s all bone and sharp angles. Although now that Harry thinks about it, Malfoy’s angels are less sharp and more… defined.

“Seamus is a mate who rarely does anything on a Sunday and you’ve never invited him.” Harry grumbles and Ron sighs.

“Take it up with Hermione, mate… she was the one who thought we should invite him,” Ron sinks slightly lower, picking up his bottle of butterbeer from where it’s propped up next to his chair, “I mean… especially after last week. We figured you’d want to start introducing him to the family.” Harry groans and takes a sip of his drink.

“There is nothing going on with us…” Harry murmurs and Ron looks at him, his head moving as slowly as possible.

“But I thought…”

“Yeah, well you thought wrong. He doesn’t like me like that. I still don’t know if he actually likes men,” Harry grumbles, picking at the label on his bottle, the now-normal heavy feeling sitting in his stomach, making his chest tight.

“But at the hospital he was so… worried,” Ron slides his sunglasses on top of his head and frowns at Harry. Harry shrugs and watches as Ginny comes up behind Malfoy, pulling a silly face at Victoire. Victoire turns her head and nuzzles it into Malfoy’s neck and Harry feels a pang of jealousy run through him. Oh great. Now he’s jealous of a two year old.

“You were all worried at the hospital,” Harry sighs and Ron raises an eyebrow.

“Sorry to burst your bubble mate, but no we weren’t.” Ron says and Harry spins his head round, his eyes wide. Ron blushes slightly and then shrugs, putting his glasses back over his eyes, “to be honest me and Hermione have spent so much of our lives sitting in a hospital with you that when you end up there we just go through the motions.” Harry continues to stare at Ron and the corner of Ron’s lip twitches.

“Well, thanks. Good to see I can count of my friends…” Harry looks away ignoring Ron.

“You wouldn’t have us any other way. If we fussed over you every time you ended up in hospital it would drive you mad.” Ron laughs and Harry’s shoulders slump. Ron’s right, Harry would hate to have friends that made a big deal every time he had to go to hospital, but Ron doesn’t have to point it out. Spending too much time with Hermione. Clearly.

A sudden noise from the house makes Ron start and Harry looks over to see Molly bustle from the house, her hair tired up in a haphazard bun as she gathers up her family to eat. She wanders over to where Ron and Harry are sitting, her hands on her hips, frowning down at Ron.

“Ron… did you transfigure my flowers into chairs?” Her voice sounds stern, but Harry has known her for over half his life and he knows that she isn’t angry.

“Yeah.” Ron grins and she swats him lightly over the head. He slides lower in his chair and Harry smiles, that warm bubbly feeling he always has at The Burrow rolling over him.

“Well dinner is nearly ready so maybe you can change those chairs back and go and collect your siblings,” Molly raises an eyebrow and Ron sighs, finishing his butterbeer and Vanishing the bottle before standing and turning the chair back into a pot. Harry watches as he ambles away, shouting across the garden. Ginny shouts back at him and they start laughing.

Harry stands, still watching and Malfoy starts to walk towards the house, Victoire’s hand laced through his hair. His long legs move him gracefully and he turns to say something to Hermione who laughs and nods, linking her arm through his free one.

“He’s a lovely boy, Harry. So different from his father,” Molly says and Harry jumps. He’d sort of thought she’d gone back inside. “I’m so happy you’ve found someone.”

“Oh, uh…” Harry feels the heat of a blush rise in his cheeks and he coughs, “We aren’t actually together.” He shuffles on the spot and Molly watches him, years of living with seven children making her very hard to surprise. Harry glances back at Malfoy and sees him looking right at Harry, his eyes dancing, a smile stretched across his lips, looking happy and relaxed and unbelievably sexy. Harry’s heart jumps and for a minute he feels sick.

“Maybe not yet dear,” Molly smiles, patting Harry on the arm and heading back into the house, leaving Harry to stand and watch Malfoy with his family.
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