WIP Wednesday

Jul. 20th, 2017 11:28 am
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...on Thursday. And this'll probably be my last wordcount post for a little while, because Life Stuff. Oh, Life Stuff. I am ready for you to be finished.

New words this week : 384 words and my July wordcount goal is met with 1814 / 1000. I upped that to 2500 words last week, knowing that'd be a stretch, and yep, not going to make it. I would like to break 2k, though, but this afternoon is basically all the writing time I'll have in the near future, so. Maybe?

WIPs worked on this week : 2, no new WIPs (yay!)

You Believe in Love, I Believe in Fate aka Erised attempt #1 from 2015 : 51 words bringing the total up to 19179. Used this as a warm-up again.

pwp take 2 : 333 words which brings the total to 1377 words, and there is a blowjob-in-progress. Smut is progressing! Maybe I will finish this thing sometime this year!

July Reading : As of yesterday, I'm up to 1,405,642 and I'm quitting there because I know that's not an accurate number and it bothers me. I've started to do a lot of comfort reading, where I go back to fics I've read and loved and then skip through to read my favorite bits of them. I estimated as best I could, but it's impossible to get an accurate number anymore. I might try tracking this again in a different calmer month.

WIP Wednesday

Jul. 12th, 2017 10:52 am
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July is another busy, stressful month, but this past week has been a little bit of a lull and I've been trying to take advantage of that before things get hectic again. I got in a couple of afternoons of words, and am feeling really good about my progress!

New words this week : 1366 words and that means my July wordcount goal is met with 1430 / 1000. And I know that I set a very low goal to begin with, but wow does it feel good to have accomplished that! Upping my July goal to 2500, even though I think that's a bit beyond what I'll be able to get done.

WIPs worked on this week : 2, one WIP and one new

You Believe in Love, I Believe in Fate aka Erised attempt #1 from 2015 : 322 words bringing the total up to 19128. Not many new words, I was mostly tweaking a little bit here, a little bit there. I'd only gone through this as kind of a warm-up for getting ready to write new stuff, sort of get myself back in that mindset for making words and refamiliarize myself with my own voice. I find it really helpful and I'm more productive afterward.

pwp take 2 : 1044 words which brings the total to 1044 words. Yep, I gave up on salty pwp and started over. And it's going really well! Much better (and shorter!) than attempt #1. Like 700 words into it, someone's dick was already out. I'm anticipating another 1-2k on it, and then it will be DONE and I will be very excited about that! :D

July Reading : As of yesterday, I'm up to 894,272. It's been more than a little bit eye-opening to actually keep track of how much I'm reading. I knew it was a lot, but it's sort of surprising exactly how much. Especially since there's been more than a few days where I didn't really feel like I read much, but I'd read something with breakfast, something with lunch, and then there'd be a couple of updates that came in from fics I'm subscribed to throughout the day that I'd read before I went to sleep.... and it'd end up being like 60k altogether. It does make me feel a bit guilty that I'm reading this much and not leaving nearly as many comments as I should be. Maybe that'll be a good goal for August...


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